How Hevesh Hevesh Creates Mind-Blowing Domino Displays

Jun 26, 2023 Gambling

Domino is a game of strategy and chance. It is played by two players and uses a set of small rectangular blocks, each bearing from one to six pips or dots resembling those on dice. A domino is played by laying it on a horizontal surface so that its ends rest against the ends of adjacent tiles, or in some cases on a specially designed base. The end of a domino may then be added to another in a chain of connected tiles called a “layout.” The object is to build a sequence of pips of one color or pattern before the opposing player runs out of pieces. A player gains points for each time a five or three is divisible by the total of all the tiles in his layout. Generally, play stops when the opponent is unable to lay any more of his tiles and play passes to the other player.

A domino is played on a large, flat surface, usually made of wood or concrete, although the rules of some games allow it to be played on other surfaces as long as it is even and smooth. The smallest dominoes are typically about the size of a thumbnail, with larger versions available in different shapes and colors. The pips on the dominoes are normally painted white, but some manufacturers produce them in a variety of other colors.

There are many types of domino games, with variations on the rules and scoring. For example, some games allow players to block opponents’ plays. Others require that all the dominoes in the losing players’ hands be empty before play continues. Still others use a scorekeeping system that counts the number of spots on each tile and awards points for each spot of a particular color or pattern. A popular scoring domino game in British pubs is known as 5s and 3s (in the US, it’s called Cotton Candy or Thingamabob).

When Hevesh creates a domino display, she starts by considering the theme or purpose of the installation. Then she brainstorms images or words that might help her convey that concept. Once she’s determined the overall design, she begins with the smallest sections of the display and works her way up to the largest.

Creating her mind-blowing domino installations requires a lot of planning and patience. The biggest ones take several nail-biting minutes to fall. But Hevesh says that one physical phenomenon is key to her success: gravity. When she stands a domino upright, it has potential energy, which is stored based on its position. As a domino falls, much of that potential energy converts into kinetic energy, or the energy of motion, which then causes domino after domino to topple.

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