How to Play the Online Lottery in Your State

Sep 12, 2022 Gambling

If you want to play the online lottery, you can do so in many different states. In fact, some states offer multiple lottery games. Some of these include: New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Illinois. Some of these states also allow players to buy instant win scratch cards online. So you can buy your lottery tickets from your home or office.


The Illinois online lottery has a variety of features to offer lottery players. Its online platform features six separate lottery draw games, which can be played using tickets purchased at retail stores or online. Players can also check their winning numbers by email or phone.

New Hampshire

You can play the New Hampshire online lottery on your home computer or mobile device. It features a number of games, including Powerball and Mega Millions. The games vary in prize money, and you can choose the price you want to pay for each one. In the case of the iLottery, you can play for as little as $0.02 per game, or as much as $28 for a top payout of $1,500. For a quickfire game, you can play for as much as $5.

New Jersey

There have been a lot of concerns with New Jersey’s online lottery. Many convenience store owners are concerned that sales will decline as fewer people would visit their stores to buy tickets. The bill’s supporters include Assemblywoman Annette Quijano. She was one of the main proponents of the legislation, but she also felt that it would not help in raising revenue.

New Mexico

Although the state of New Mexico has not yet legalized online lottery sales, it does have an app that you can download to your mobile device. The app allows you to scan tickets, view numbers, and check upcoming games. It also lets you check the current drawing schedule and list of winners. If you are thinking about purchasing a ticket online, make sure to check New Mexico lottery rules and regulations.


The Virginia Lottery is a government-run lottery with an online platform that debuted in July 2018. It offers a range of games, including instant-win games, casino-style games, and free games. In addition, the site has a solid first-deposit bonus. It sells over $3 billion in tickets annually.

North Dakota

The North Dakota Lottery has made it possible for people to play the online lottery. Players can use their credit card or checking account to fund their account. They can also use PayPal to make payments. There are a few things to consider before playing the lottery.


While there are no bills currently in the works to legalize Massachusetts online lottery play, the state has recently started considering online lottery opportunities. As more states offer online lotto, Massachusetts may soon find itself interested. Online lotto has many potential benefits for states, including increased revenue. Since the 2011 Federal Wire Act decision, interest in online betting has grown steadily.

New York

The New York lottery offers a variety of different online games, including draw games and instant-style games. The games vary in size, but they all include the same rules: players select a number and then wait for the results. Unlike instant-style games, which feature random numbers drawn from a hat, lottery games in New York have a draw process. The winning numbers are then drawn and awarded.

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