Variations of Domino

Jun 30, 2022 Gambling

Domino is a family of tile-based games. The rectangular tiles are marked on the ends with spots, indicating how many dominos are on each end. You can use these spots to score points by lining up adjacent tiles to create sets. If all the tiles are of the same color, you win. There are many varieties of domino games. To learn more about dominoes, read our articles on Pip domino, Draw game, and Fives-and-threes.


A variation of the domino game Fives-and-threes is Odd Primes. This variant of the game was developed by G.P. Jellis, a contributor to the GAMES AND PUZZLES JOURNAL. Instead of counting a single tile, players count multiples of three, five, or seven. This version of the game requires a larger set of dominoes than the classic Fives-and-threes.

Pip domino

“One-pip domino” is a crossword puzzle clue that has been found 1 time. It is related to many other crossword clues. In fact, Pip domino has more than one definition. To find out which definition best fits your crossword puzzle, keep reading! This article explains the meaning of Pip domino. Also known as a “pip,” this character is the hero of the 19th century British novel “Great Expectations.”

Spinner domino

A fun variation on traditional dominoes, Spinner was invented by Dr. & Mrs. Edna F. in the 1950s. This dynamic Double 9 Domino game features wild dominoes that can be played as any number. In addition, Spinner is the only domino game that has wild dominoes! The Spinner game is a hybrid of traditional double nine dominoes and other popular games.

Draw game

The Draw Game in domino has several variations. Players begin with fewer dominoes than they have at the start of the game. Players who cannot place a domino must choose one from the boneyard before it runs out. This process continues until a player cannot place another domino. There are also bonus tiles awarded for winning the game with the lowest score. Listed below are some variations of the Draw Game. The most common one is the standard game.

Doublet game

In the Doublet game, the highest tile is a 5-5 bone. This is the highest value doublet. The game continues clockwise until the player with the lowest total value wins. If no one can place a tile, the next player draws from the boneyard until he gets one. Otherwise, he passes his turn to the next player. When one or more players have doublets, the other player may not play a tile, and noone can score points from his hand.

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